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    Growth and identity are important qualities for any given person, and who you are determines your relationship with these concepts. I believe who we become as people is something that is defined by our choices, with some of our most important being the media and experiences we save, remember, and love over time. For myself, these pieces of content came from all kinds of sources, and over time, I gravitated towards the topics, creations, and memories that all resulted in both my art and myself. The end result of this phenomena created an internal collage whose total composition functions as a representation of who I am and what I adore.


    The piece is an approximation of my perception of this internal collage, with hundreds of screen-printed cards printed with dozens of designs, showing media, memories, people, objects, or memes that I hold dear. Duplicates of any given image can be found throughout the piece in different color palettes, each showing a different interpretation or perception of the same idea. The end result of these cards is a complex and almost sublime collection of pieces that conveys the complexity a single person can have.

    I invite my viewers to let themselves be drawn into the hundreds of cards the piece has to offer, allowing a pull to where people may recognize among the collection things they love across my identity. I even encourage my viewers, once they have found a card they truly resonate with, to take the card from the piece itself, letting themselves keep a portion of the work that they see themselves in, and establish either a beginning or an extension of a collage of their own identity.

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